Mascot Design for Seattle Bus Ad Campaign

Chuck’s Auto Repair wanted to do something a little different for an upcoming ad campaign. They had a desire to eventually create a company mascot that could be used throughout their marketing collateral. With this upcoming Seattle area bus ad, they felt now was a good time as any to try it out.

Based on an actual truck, some company history, and the client’s initial concepts, I started by hand sketching the character out, eventually converting to a vector illustration. The overall ad design was a different approach for the company as well. It retained some of their brands look and feel, but also attempted to stand out with a fresh design and simple message.

It was great getting out the sketchbook for this one. I’m looking forward to working up additional poses and expressions over time. I might even create it in 3D for easier manipulation and future animations.

Character and Banner Design for Seattle Bus Ads


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