V-Ray Capability Now Available

An important part of creating 3D graphics is the render engine. It’s the last step in the process and it plays a part in the balance of quality and speed. Using built-in render engines has always worked well for me in the past, but when I received an opportunity to work on interior design renderings for a furniture manufacturer, I knew I had to get the latest release of V-Ray from Chaos Group.

Its ease of use helped me get up to speed quickly while working on this time-sensitive project. The end results were impressive and what you come to expect from using V-Ray. The featured image on this post is a sample from one of the scenes, but due to disclosure limitations, the actual renderings won’t be posted until Spring.

So now that V-Ray is licensed across all my equipment, not only am I’m using it to improve current projects, I plan to use it on all 3D projects moving forward.


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