Custom Render Nodes Added to Rendering Pipeline

2018 has been a busy year for 3D projects at John Gera Design. From furniture and home interiors to helicopters and even stylized cities. This increase in 3D work directly translated to rendering massive amounts of frames.

While there are plenty of machines here available for network rendering, many of them were really showing their age. This was particularly true with my increasing use of V-Ray. So, I decided it was time to turn up the power and build new machines that would function specifically as render nodes.

My goal was to keep the cost down around $1k each so they can be easily replicated as my demands grow. After plenty of searching, I finally landed on the hardware to meet all my needs. I call these new nodes, “Render Cubes” due to their cube shape. They are quite robust using Intel’s x-series 8 core / 16 thread CPU in a small, light, cool, stackable and scalable setup. They can also perform wirelessly, allowing them positioned anywhere near the Wi-Fi to auto-connect and start rendering away.

With only two built so far, I am already seeing a difference. As the need increases, I will add more, but for now, this equipment upgrade is a refreshing improvement that will help get your 3D projects done even faster.

Stacked Render Cubes


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